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The secrets of fashion that celebrities do not dispense in the red carpet

They are always perfect during the red carpet, but knew that for this to happen there are some tricks that celebrities do not miss.

The red carpet is undoubtedly the most anticipated moment of all ceremonies. This is where all eyes focus to see which looks have been chosen by celebrities and where all the criticism comes out. That’s why it’s so important, especially that women are perfect and for that there are some tricks that they are fans but that no one realizes. If you are curious to know what these are, take a look at the article.


Although he thinks that this only serves to put in the armpits, the truth is that he is the bet of the celebrities to avoid the friction between the legs. The deodorant protects the skin from the rashes and makes them handle the whole event without getting hurt.

Double adhesive tape

Vertiginous necklines can be dangerous during the red carpet and so celebrities resort to an “old trick,” which is to use double-sided tape to protect themselves. Thus, it is possible to move without fear of relying on something intimate from without.

Body Makeup

Used not only to brighten up and brighten the face, celebrities like to use it to define certain parts of the body, such as the neck area and especially the legs.

Footwear over size

You may have noticed that in some cases celebrities end up wearing shoes over their size and this has to do with the comfort of holding them throughout the event and also to protect the feet from swelling.

Lingerie body shape

One of the tricks used to shape the body and hide all imperfections and those extra grease is the use of lingerie body shape, that is, of moldable lingerie. So the dresses are more perfect and with everything on the site.